Ms. Margo Lysell, Social Studies

Smoky Valley High School  ~  Phone (785) 227-2909

email: mlysell@smokyvalley.org

Course Webpages

Welcome to my page! I teach World History and Current Events.

Your students do the vast majority of their work on a website called Canvas.

They are the only ones that have access to it, but they can show you that work at anytime. The address for it is smokyvalley.instructure.com they must be logged into their school gmail for it to work. Here they have access to all assignments, audio lectures, quizzes, and projects, so don't let them tell you they left it at school! : )

You can know what your child should be working on by checking the homework calendars listed below and then finding that corresponding activity on Canvas.

If you need to contact me, my email is mlysell@smokyvalley.org.

Homework Calendars

World History Homework Calendar

Current Events Homework Calendar