Laptop Policies

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USD 400 Technology Agreement

The devices that have been issued to each student are the property of Smoky Valley Public Schools. This device is on loan to

the student and must be used in accordance with the following policies:

Device Security

● During the school day, students must have their school-issued device with them, or in their school lockers. Devices

should never be left unattended. Faculty will pick up and turn in unattended devices to the office.

● Laptops must be kept in the bag or sleeve issued with the laptop. They may not be kept in regular book bags or

backpacks without being in their protective sleeve. Laptops are not to be carried unless they are secured in the

protective sleeve or bag provided by USD 400.

● iPads must be kept in the district provided case.

● Coaches/Sponsors for individual activities may limit whether or not laptops are allowed on buses or to particular events.

● It is recommended that when laptops go home with students for the evening they should be recharged overnight and be

ready for use upon return to school.

● Students are not to deface or modify their device, protective bag or sleeve, or power adapter in any way, for example,

with stickers, whiteout, drawing, etc. If there are any questions, please check with an administrator.

● Students are not to remove, deface or alter any USD 400 identifying stickers, labels, or barcodes in any way.

Responsible Use Policy

USD 400’s network facilities and/or laptops are to be used in a responsible, efficient, and ethical manner in accordance with the

philosophy of Smoky Valley USD 400. Students must acknowledge their understanding of this policy as well as the following

guidelines. Failure to adhere to these standards may result in disciplinary action, including suspension or revocation of the

offender's school-issued device and/or network privileges.

I am responsible for the data I create and access.

● I understand the district provides me with a Google account to store my school-related data and files.

● I understand it is my responsibility to keep my data and files backed up.

● I understand that my device may need to be reimaged and any data stored on the device may be lost if not backed up.

● I understand USD 400 has the right to choose what applications and software gets added to USD 400 owned devices.

Software/Applications approved by USD 400 are available through a management application installed on the device.

All other software must be approved through the Technology Department.

● I understand that USD 400 may control what services, applications, and websites are accessible through the internet


I am responsible for following copyright laws and respecting the privacy rights of others.

● I understand I must follow copyright laws, if I am unsure of what is included in copyright laws, I need to ask an

administrator, teacher, or librarian.

● I understand the Internet is to be used for research and as a means of obtaining academically relevant information. Any

material obtained through research on the Internet and then used in academic work is to be properly documented.

● I understand I can only record audio and video of others with their consent.

● I understand the accounts managed by USD 400 are to be used only for school-related work.

I am responsible for being safe online.

● I understand the administration and /or their designee(s) have the right to inspect any device, application, or peripheral

device associated with USD 400. This includes but is not limited to email, documents, pictures, or other components and

accounts associated with all USD 400 devices.

● I understand that I am responsible for keeping my personal information private.

● I understand personal information should not be shared via the internet, social media, or other platforms about myself or

others which includes full name, addresses, phone numbers, or birth dates.

● I understand it is not safe to meet anyone in person that I have met only on the Internet.

● I understand it is important not to share usernames and passwords with anyone, including other students.

USD 400 Technology Agreement (cont.)

I am responsible for respecting and maintaining the security of USD 400 Networks.

● I am not to attempt to get around security settings and filters, including through the use of proxy servers, VPNs, etc. to

access websites blocked by the district.

● I understand that I am not to connect my school-issued device to the Internet using a personal data plan at school,

including personal mobile hotspots.

● I understand the USD 400 network or equipment will not be used to obtain unauthorized information, or attempt to

access information protected by privacy laws, or impersonate other users.

I am responsible for practicing positive digital citizenship.

● I understand E-mail and all other forms of electronic communication are to be used in a responsible manner. I will not

use vulgar, derogatory, or obscene language, or engage in personal attacks or harass others.

● I understand the use of my device for anything other than a teacher-directed or approved activity is prohibited during

school hours or activities.

● I understand that I am not allowed to access material that is obscene or that promotes illegal activity. If I accidentally

access this type of information, I should immediately notify a teacher.

● I understand that bullying in any form, including cyberbullying, is unacceptable. I will use school appropriate language in

all electronic communications, including email, social media posts, audio recordings, video conferencing, and artistic


● I understand that what I do and post online must not disrupt school activities or compromise school safety and security.

Smoky Valley Public Schools reserves the right to define inappropriate use of technology.

Laptop Costs

Before a student is issued a laptop, he or she must have paid a $50 rental fee for the current school year, and have signed the

acceptable use policy. Students must be enrolled in a minimum of four class periods in order to be eligible for the laptop


Students are expected to pay for damages to their computer. However, a student will never pay more than $100 per incident.

A list of repair fees are on the Smoky Valley website.

In addition, lost or damaged power adapters are the responsibility of the student/parent. Each student is issued a bag,

laptop, and charger and are expected to return them in good working condition.