Mrs. Alison Replogle, Counselor

Soderstrom Elementary School  ~  Phone (785) 227-2945

email: areplogle@smokyvalley.org

Meet Mrs. Replogle

Meet Mrs. Replogle. . .

Mrs. Replogle has been the school counselor at Soderstrom Elementary School since 2004. She graduated from the University of Northern Iowa with a Masters in School Counseling in 2002, focusing her graduate project on restorative justice and discipline. Prior to working at Soderstrom, Mrs. Replogle was a counselor at LaPorte City Elementary School in LaPorte City, Iowa. In addition to being a school counselor, Mrs. Replogle is a trainer for ESSDACK.

In her free time, Mrs. Replogle likes to read, garden, take walks, ride her bike, cook, play her flute and spend lots of time with her family.

SES Counseling Program

What Does a School Counselor Do?

I am an advocate for ALL children. I work with all students on developmental issues as well as at-risk issues and special needs. My work focuses on three areas: personal/social, academic and career development. I spend time each day:

1. Counseling children individually on developmental issues like friendship skills and academic difficulties to more need-based issues such as family concerns (divorce, separation, etc.) or social struggles (bullying, social isolation, anger management, etc.).

2. Working with children in a small group. I often work with a group of children once a week on a certain topic for 6-8 weeks. Small groups give kids the chance to not only learn from me, but from one another. Friendship, social skills, divorce, anger management and grief are topics that are often dealt with in a small group setting.

3. Teaching classroom counseling lessons. I am in each 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade classroom once every 2 weeks, and each Kindergarten and 1st grade classroom about 3 times a month. We work on topics such as understanding and dealing with feelings, social and communication skills, getting along with others, conflict resolution, friendship, character education, study skills, making good decisions and seeing from another’s perspective.

4. Consulting and collaborating with teachers, administration and parents. We learn best, and can best help children, when working together.

I have a policy of confidentiality with the students. In order to gain and maintain trust, and to effectively help each child, I will ensure confidentiality to him or her. There are exceptions to this rule. I tell each child that I will not tell others what he or she says to me unless they are being hurt, are hurting or about to hurt themselves or others, or are hurting something (property). In these cases, I tell the child I need to get additional help for him or her.