Erin Williams

USD 400 Smoky Valley is proud to announce that Erin Williams, a Smoky Valley High School English Language Arts teacher, has been recognized by the Kansas State Department of Education as a 2022 Kansas Horizon Award winner. This award program recognizes Kansas public school teachers who demonstrate outstanding performance and skill as first year classroom teachers.  Mrs. Williams received a personal phone call this afternoon from Dr. Randy Watson, Kansas Commissioner of Education, to inform her of the award.  The Horizon Award program recognizes only 32 first year teachers from across the state.  Congratulations to Erin Williams, a 2022 Kansas Horizon Award winner!

Erin was nominated as the Smoky Valley district nominee for this award.  To her credit, Erin completed a lengthy application which included reference letters from administrators, colleagues and others and several responses to some writing prompts outlining her work as an early career teacher.  We are very proud to have Erin as a teacher in our district and congratulate her for this very special honor!