Smoky Valley KESA

The Kansas State Department of Education is charged with accrediting all public PK-12 schools in Kansas.  The agency uses an accreditation model called the Kansas Education Systems Accreditation or KESA program.  Accreditation is necessary as a measure of accountability to the patrons, parents and students of the Smoky Valley community.  It provides assurance that the school system is providing high quality learning for all students in preparation for their adult lives.

Please click the image link below to access the Smoky Valley KESA page where you can learn all about our school's accreditation process. 


Kansas Accreditation Systems

KESA is the Kansas model used to accredit school systems.  This school improvement model provides districts with a process and the tools to develop goals centered on student growth and achievement.  

To get more information about the KESA model, please click on this link:  KESA