Last week, the Kansas State High School Activities Association’s 70+ member Board of Directors held a special board meeting to address a proposal brought forward by the KSHSAA Executive Committee regarding high school and middle school winter activities.  

The four hour zoom meeting is available online and ended with many decisions that impact the winter sports season.  As we enter into December and look towards the end of the month with SVHS and SVMS activities, here are a few of the KSHSAA guidelines that will affect our students, parents, and patrons:

  • The winter moratorium has been extended from December 23 - January 3, which means no practice or activities during that time.  School facilities will be closed and unavailable for use.

  • Face coverings will be required for anyone in attendance at an event, including athletes, coaches, officials, and workers.  Unless otherwise directed by the local health department, athletes competing on the court or mat can remove their face covering.

  • No spectators will be allowed at any High School or Middle School events from December 1 - January 28.  A spectator is considered anyone not participating in an event.  

    • According to KSHSAA, event participants include: players, coaches, officials, cheer squads & sponsor(s), dance teams & sponsor(s), pep bands and director(s), event staff (clock, book, PA, other table workers), medical personnel on duty, administrators, team managers (stats, video), working media on professional assignment, student media putting on media broadcast, college recruiters who have credentials and have called in advance, bus drivers.

Smoky Valley plans to stream all SVHS and SVMS home events at  We also plan to share links to 'away' events at as they are made available.