Good afternoon Smoky Valley Community,

I would like to inform everyone of a training event that will be taking place at Soderstrom Elementary on Tuesday the 21st from 5:30-9:30pm. 

McPherson County Sheriff's Office will be utilizing our facility for an officer training program.  There will be signs posted along the front of the school indicating this is a training exercise for anyone that may be passing by. 

There will be a number of law enforcement vehicles in and around our elementary school.   Additionally, the community around the elementary school may hear what sounds like gunfire but it is in fact training ammunition being used during the exercise and will not pose harm to anyone in the area.  

We apologize for any disturbance that this may cause but are happy to support our local law enforcement for this short training event.

Thanks for your patience and understanding and we apologize for the short notice,

Heath L. Hogan

Superintendent- USD 400