Friend in Education 2022

Traci Baker Friends in Education Award 2023

Each year USD 400  recognizes a community member that invests significant time, energy, and resources in the Smoky Valley School District. This year, we are proud to announce Traci Baker as the recipient of the Friends in Education Award.

Traci Baker is a valued community partner of the Smoky Valley School District. She has consistently gone above and beyond, dedicating her time, energy, and resources to help the students achieve their goals.

One of the things that set Traci apart is her passion for the education of young people. She has served as a dedicated and knowledgeable substitute teacher and tennis coach who builds great relationships with students and staff. She is always willing to jump in and help even if it is at the last minute. She told me anecdotally the other day about looking forward to a relaxing morning, making some breakfast, maybe taking a walk when she answered our call and was at school to cover classes in under 30 minutes. Traci consistently puts her willingness to help and the needs of others ahead of her own needs/wants.

In addition to her contributions as a substitute teacher and coach, she is a tireless booster club leader. Donating her time and talent to this organization in a number of ways. Most importantly sharing her talents at feeding copious amounts of food to our teachers from time to time.

Her contributions, time and effort to support our Smoky Valley Middle School is such a vital part that supports our staff and students. The difference you have made in the Smoky Valley community is something that may never be replaced. 

Traci has been instrumental for years at Soderstrom volunteering her time and efforts in and out of the classroom.  She has played an integral part of the Move Well Marathon, an event our students and parents look forward to each year.

In conclusion, Traci has made  exceptional contributions to USD 400  and her dedication, passion, and commitment to the education and support of young people are commendable. Traci is a deserving recipient of the Friends in Education award.