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Is anyone reading information on my page????


My apologies for not updating my page for some time! My mother has reminded me of that a couple times! Moms are always Moms aren't they????? Be the first parent to CALL me at 785-614-0771 with the correct answer to the following trivia question and win your SVMS student a small prize. What is the largest lake in Kansas?

Middle School Dance

Sept. 27, 2018

The first of two middle school dances is rapidly approaching. The 7th and 8th graders are all invited to a Halloween Dance on Friday, October 19 in the high school commons. Only SVMS 7th/8th graders are allowed into the dance. Admission is $3 for students NOT wearing a costume and $2 for students wearing a costume. SVMS Student Council is sponsoring the dance and will be giving away lots of prizes. Snacks and drinks will be provided. The front high school doors open at 6:45 and all attending the dance must arrive by 7:30. Students must stay at the dance until it is over at 9:00 unless picked up by a parent before that. Dance time......7:00--9:00 p.m. Hoping for 100 or more students at our Halloween Dance.

CAN TABS NEEDED!! Keep em' comin'!!!!!! :)


NEW CAN TAB TOTAL.........311,100!!!! We are now 62% to our goal of 500,000 tabs! Thank you for continuing to bring tabs! THIS IS AN ONGOING PROJECT!! People staying at Ronald McDonald Houses appreciate your support! Please keep collecting can tabs and have your middle schooler bring them in!!

I just received a letter from the sponsoring organization for this activity and they wrote that the 311,100 can tabs we have collected paid for SIX night stay in a Ronald McDonald House! That's what makes us SV Strong. Keep the tabs coming!!!

Bully Myth #3

November 2017

Bullying is easy to spot. Not true!!! Most bullying occurs in the spaces adults don't occupy: a raucous locker room, an empty hallway, a playground corner. By early elementary, some school kids are adept at stealth nastiness. The idea of the bully as a bruiser who steals lunch money and makes a scene is mostly obsolete. By middle school, some research finds that boys and girls engage in equal levels of psychological aggression. And looks can be deceiving: two boys playing in the dirt could be two boys playing---or it could be one boy verbally abusing the other. Even the most compassionate well-trained teachers struggle to spot the behavior.

Information on Bullying

November 2017

I will be posting several informative articles on bullying myths, of which, after having spent many years in the school setting, I agree with. The information comes mostly from a series of articles printed recently in Newsweek Magazine. I hope you will take interest in some of the information. K. Steinert

BULLY MYTH #1....Anti-bullying programs may be the answer!!!

Anti-bullying programs and laws are the most effective response. Sounds great but likely not true!!!! Bullying is an extreme form of a behavior---aggression---that almost every child confronts in different ways, especially during middle school. While many kids are targets of bullying, countless more endure demoralizing experiences like teasing, name-calling, shoving, and exclusion---none of which may meet the definition of "bullying" but all of which certainly help to mold the attitudes of kids. Character education and social-emotional learning from a child's earliest years while around home/parents lay the groundwork kids need to learn how to treat each other with respect and learn the meaning of tolerance. Bottom line, kids act/behave exactly the way they are taught in most instances. If the parents are bullies, the kids will likely be bullies as well.

Bullying Myth #2

November 2017

Bullies are unpopular and have low self-esteem: UNTRUE!!!

Research is finally catching up with what parents and teachers have known for years: plenty of the most aggressive kids are confident and socially successful. Bullying and aggression can yield rich social rewards like attention, more friends, and power: with kids and adults alike. That's one of the reasons it's so hard to get kids to stop: gossip and exclusion bring people together, even as they push others out. Truth be told, those with higher social status tend to be the root of the problem in regard to bullying.

Morning activities at SVMS

September 28,2018

We are well into morning volleyball with a RECORD NUMBER of student participating. We have seven 5th/6th teams and five 7th/8th teams. After regular season play ends, there will be a league tournament and staff vs. students volleyball game. Looking forward to that.