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Welcome to the new school year! It should be an exciting year! Take a look at the links below for information regarding this course and to access the calendar of performances for the year. As always, please let me know if you have anything to discuss. My door is always open!

Britney English

5-12 Vocal Music

Contact Information

If you are needing to contact me for any reason, feel free to e-mail me at benglish@smokyvalley.org, or call 785-227-4254 ext. 1351.

Best time to call is 3:45-4:15 and I try to answer emails within 24 hours.

2018-2019 Calendar

Click here to access the 2018-2019 Vocal Calendar.

Syllabus and Handbook

Click here to access the Vocal Music syllabus and handbook.

5th and 6th Grade Syllabus/Handbook

5th and 6th grade parents,

Click here to access the 5th and 6th grade Syllabus and Handbook.

Parent and Student Signature Page (7/8 only)

After reading through the handbook, use this link to submit your signature. Even if you have had a student in choir, please look through it to make sure you remember the expectations, especially concert attire, concert dates and the attendance policy. Your signature is worth 25 points! Please complete by August 21st. The late work policy will be in affect.

Hard copies of the handbook and signature sheet will also be available in the vocal classroom.

Thanks so much for your support of the arts and vocal music specifically. Always contact me with any questions or concerns that you have!


Britney English