Smoky Valley is committed to providing a guaranteed, relevant and rigorous instructional program for all students. Through service and support to all Smoky Valley educators, specialists and staff members, we endeavor to deliver a high quality and engaging educational experience. The resources found on this page provide guidance and perspective on the district's instructional priorities. We believe that a highly effective team of educators, using evidence-based resources, strategies, and techniques, can positively impact the lives of all students. Please contact your child's school principal if you have any questions or need further support.

Curriculum & Instruction Resources


Curriculum Resources

Click on the image at left to find grade level and content area curriculum resources for Smoky Valley classrooms.


Power Standards

Curriculum standards, sometimes referred to as learning objectives or outcomes, are an important feature of a high quality curriculum program. Standards are objective statements of the knowledge, skills and dispositions students can expect to learn when they participate in a course at Smoky Valley.

All curriculum standards are important, but some standards carry more instructional weight and are thus emphasized more when teachers plan and design instructional experiences for students. Power Standards are those learning objectives that are very relevant to the discipline, highly transferable to other learning experiences, and critically important to future learning. Teachers place a high degree of focus on Power Standards by spending more time instructing, assessing, and supporting student mastery of these learning objectives.

The Smoky Valley Power Standards are derived principally from the Kansas College & Career Ready Standards, the Kansas Model Standards, and the Kansas Career Technical Education Standards.

To view grade level or content departmental level Power Standards for our Smoky Valley program, please click on the image at left to explore grade level, content area, and program-wide Power Standards for our classrooms.


Curriculum Maps

Curriculum maps are tools that teachers use to plan and design instructional experiences in their classrooms. Maps are aligned by grade levels to help assure appropriate scope and sequence as well as progressive developmental expectations for student learning.

The maps provided here include Smoky Valley teacher developed or modified maps as well as scope/sequence charts from professional curriculum vendors that we use in the district.