SVVCS Enrollment


Thank you for expressing interest in Smoky Valley Virtual Charter School!  If you are interested in enrolling for the fall of 2024, please complete this application by answering as many questions as you can below.  Once the application is received, we will place your child's name on a possible enrollment list. A staff member will be in touch with you at the  discuss enrollment procedures.  Thank you again for your interest.

If you are interested in enrolling in the Smoky Valley Virtual School, you will need to complete this form that provides information about your student and your student’s educational needs. Please complete this form with as much accuracy and detail as possible, as this will help us determine if our program is suitable for your student. Once you submit the form, the administrative team from SVVCS will contact you via email or phone to discuss the next steps. The SVVCS team will confirm your enrollment status and provide you with more information about the program. Depending on the availability of spots, your student may be placed on a waiting list until there is an opening for your student.
Click HERE for the enrollment form.


If your student has been accepted as an eligible student for SVVCS:

  1. Complete and return the informational sheet emailed to you.

  2. Complete the records release form for your student’s current institution of learning. An official transcript from your student is a requirement. 

  3. Schedule an appointment with the SVVCS team/office to complete the enrollment procedures with your student. All enrollment requires a parent/guardian to accompany the student during this process. This is a requirement for a complete enrollment process.

  4. Attend the enrollment appointment with your student. Bring the following items for informational purposes:

  1. Official birth certificate of your student

  2. Current immunization records for your student

    (The SVVCS staff will make a copy of each of these for your student’s official files.)


There are no enrollment fees. Students may request to rent a laptop from SVVCS for the school term. The rental fee, due at the time of enrollment, is $50.00 and requires students to follow a laptop care and technical use policy. All students are required to acknowledge and sign a policy of expectations for the SVVCS program. To remain in good standing, all SVVCS students are required to complete three online learning logs, submit the logs on the dates specified by the SVVCS office, complete work on a consistent basis, meet with an assigned teacher/supervisor weekly; and make arrangements to travel to SVVCS to attend required events including state testing.


If you currently have a student in the Smoky Valley USD 403 School district and you feel (or have been advised) to consider a virtual education for your student, you will need to follow a process. Please note: THIS PROCESS APPLIES TO BOTH SVMS AND SVHS TRANSFER STUDENTS!


A SVMS or SVHS student who is currently enrolled and is interested in transferring to SVVCS will follow the following procedures: 
•Schedule a meeting with the SVMS/SVHS principal/counselor to discuss transferring to the SVVCS and complete a request to transfer application
•If a 9th grade student has not been previously enrolled at the Virtual school, students will not be considered for transfer to SVVCS until the second semester of their 9th grade year. (see below for the second semester request deadline.) 

•When SVMS/SVHS receives the completed application and a meeting with the student and parent/guardian are held, the SVMS/SVHS MTSS team will review the application and make a determination of placement. 
•If a student is determined eligible for transfer by the MTSS team, parents/ guardians and students will meet with the SVVCS Director as part of the enrollment process. 
•If the MTSS team determines that a student is not eligible for transfer, parents/guardians may appeal this decision to the district office by contacting the clerk of the board. A meeting to hear the appeal will be held and the district level team will make a final determination on placement. 
•Transfers to and from the virtual school will only happen at the change in semester. Students wanting to transfer at the start of the year will need to do that prior to September 1. If a student would like to be considered for transfer in the second semester, they will need to contact the SVHS principal no later than 5 days prior to the end of the first semester. 
•SVMS/SVHS transfer students will not be in good standing with SVVCS unless they have completed this process, gone through the withdrawal process, and met all financial obligations with SVMS/SVHS.

Students are not considered enrolled in SVVCS until all of the following steps have been completed, and all fees have been paid (if renting a device). Should you have questions concerning enrollment, call the SVVCS office at 785-227-4292.