Public Notice

In accordance with federal requirements, USD 400 Smoky Valley is seeking an Ed-Flex waiver for Title I Targeted Assistance Programs seeking to become Schoolwide Programs. The following notice is provided for your information.

Title I Targeted Assistance Programs allow for the use of supplemental learning resources to be used by a designated subpopulation of students. In contrast, Title I Schoolwide Programs allow for increased flexibility in determining how to organize school operations and allocate the multiple funding sources available. Title I Schoolwide Programs allow allocated funds to be used for increased supplemental learning services for all students. Thus, embracing a high- quality curriculum, according to a comprehensive plan that ensures all children meet the state’s challenging academic standards.

In accordance with federal and district policy, USD 400 Smoky Valley seeks to provide public notification of intention to apply for an Ed-Flex Schoolwide Program eligibility waiver.

If you have any questions or comments related to this effort, please contact Monte Couchman, Director of Student Learning at mcouchman@smokyvalley.org or 785-227-2981 ext 3205.