Frequently Asked Questions

Do students have to live in the Smoky Valley School District to attend SVVCS?

No, any student who resides in Kansas is allowed to enroll at SVVCS

Is there a tuition cost associated with attending SVVCS?

No tuition cost exists. The only fee students are asked to pay is $50.00 a year for rental of a MacBook Air or Chromebook. Students can elect to use their own computer at home and not incur the $50.00 charge. All computer applications utilized in our program are web based and can be accessible on any computer connected to wifi.

Is there an age restriction in order to attend SVVCS?

We currently enroll any full-time student from grades K-12. An adult program is also available for students who are the age of 19 or older.

Must a student come on campus for a required number of days or hours?

A student is asked to come to SVVCS at least 2 times each school year for events.

How much access will a student have to the instructors?

We currently have an instructor available via phone, text, Google Hangout and email for all English, History, Math and Science classes. In addition, an instructor is available for all elective classes. Each K-12 student is required to do a video face-to-face conference weekly with his/her seminar teacher.

Do the instructors require students to be online on a specific day and time?

No, our instructors do not provide direct instruction. Students work at their own pace and access instructors as needed for help and support.

Is a student required to work a specific number of hours each week?

A student is expected to complete 30 online lessons per week. This typically equates to about 20-25 hours per week. If a student does this, he/she will be on track to graduate with his/her cohort or peer group. Thirty lessons each week for an entire semester also allows a student to complete at least six classes each semester.

Does SVVCS have any of the special events often found in a traditional school setting?

SVVCS does not sponsor events like prom or homecoming but a personalized graduation ceremony is held once a student has completed the program. A diploma from USD 400 Smoky Valley School District is issued to the graduate.

Are there any social activities plan for students who attend SVVCS?

Each month, a social activity is planned and students are highly encouraged to participate. Such events include field trips, guest speakers, fun games and prizes!

Does the USD 400 internet filter actively filter the internet connection in my home?

No, the school's internet filter does not reach into your home. It only filters internet sites accessed within the district's buildings. Parents may consult with their internet provider to see what options are available for a home filter package.