The steps for enrollment begins with a phone call to the SVVCS Office.

Students are not considered enrolled in SVVCS until all of the following steps have been completed, and all fees have been paid. Should you have questions concerning enrollment, call or email the SVVCS Office at 785-227-4292.


1. Families or students interested in enrolling in Smoky Valley Virtual Charter School must complete a pre-enrollment interview. The pre-enrollment interview will help students and their families decide if virtual education is a good option

  • All students applying for admission to SVVCS must submit an official transcript for the school year most recently completed. You may have Smoky Valley Virtual Charter School apply for a transcript by filling out and signing a Request for Transcript form which is available at the SVVCS Office.
  • Immunization records and the student birth certificates must be presented when coming for the enrollment interview. The SVVCS staff will make a copy to keep in the school files.
  • There are no enrollment fees.
  • Full time students may make use of a USD 400 laptop. There is a laptop use fee of $50.00 that must be paid before a laptop is checked out to students.

2. Students and parents are required to attend on-site orientation sessions held in Lindsborg.

3. In order to remain in good standing, all SVVCS students are required to complete three online learning logs; submit the logs on the dates specified by the SVVCS office; complete work on a consistent basis and make arrangements to travel to SVVCS to take Kansas State Assessments and semester finals.

Contact the School at sramsey@smokyvalley.org