Parent Teacher Organization

The Soderstrom Parent Teacher Organization is an active group within our school. They are very supportive with their time and money to help us provide a quality education for all of our students. If you are interested in joining the Parent Teacher Organization group, there will be several opportunities to register during the school year. You may also inquire with the Soderstrom Office for more information.

Here are some of the many initiatives they have supported in recent years:

Hosting the Back to School Pool Party

Purchasing Soderstrom T-Shirts for students/staff

Purchasing Soderstrom cups for outdoor Fun Day

Organizing and hosting the Fun Fair/Chinese Auction

Providing Santa's Secret Shop

Providing a free meal at Math and Literacy Night

Providing volunteers for Math and Literacy Night

Providing money to classroom teachers for supplies

Buying the supplies for art curriculum

Organizing room mothers

Providing grants to teachers

Providing volunteers for various events

Running the costume bank for Hyllningsfest

Providing an ice cream treat at the end of the year

Providing staff meals for Teacher Appreciation Week