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Blended Learning: Making it Work in Your Classroom

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Blended Learning from Khan

GREAT RESOURCE loaded with information!!!

Shared by one of the parents on the Parent Task Force (Great Video!)

"....I had a friend of mine who is a principal forward this to me. I found the videos provide good examples of Blended Learning & I think illustrate something similar in what we saw & what the teacher responses were in Lawrence." (CLICK HERE 5:16 min)

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An Introduction to Blended Learning

(5:01 min.)

Blended Learning: Classroom-Teacher Technology venn diagram logo

For a complete transcript of this video CLICK HERE.

To see Kevin Corbett's video of 4 Blended Learning Models (4:01 min.)

- The Smithsonian - "Further, to understand blended learning, it's crucial to understand what it's not: doing online worksheets, reading digital prompts or any other technology-related activity aren't examples of blended learning unless they allow a student some control over the pace and content of the instruction."

Great Video (6:56 min.)

US Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan and Khan Academy's creator, Sal Khan

US Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan


To see the FULL 36 minutes, go to this link:


Lawrence KS Public Schools


Lawrence KS Public Schools implemented a blended approach last year. On Thursday, Dec. 5, about 15 school personnel, including lead team, teacher team and 2 board members were involved with a Skype conference session.

Here is the video of the report from teachers at the Lawrence Public Schools Board Meeting last spring. The blended discussion starts at 20:45 min. so you may wish to fast forward. There is some excellent discussion that lasts about 45 minutes. If you have the patience to listen to several teachers, it's really very interesting. The last 2 teachers to speak met with our staff online during our Skype session at Vision_Tek.


** Comments from a few of the Lawrence elementary students about the blended learning:

"If I am struggling or need help, I can talk to Mrs. B instead of being behind for the whole year.: - Reese

"I like the feedback." - Ashley

"Miles taught me!" - Gavin

"I don't get in trouble for moving ahead." - Matt

The district is currently forming a Personalized Blended Learning - Parent Task Force. The parent group will meet several times, study the topic and communicate their recommendation to the board of education. The board will make a decision based the reports of several groups, as well as their own study. Their first meeting was held on January 8.

Personalized Blended Learning as defined by USD #400 pairs a highly effective teacher in the classroom with the power of a dynamic digital curriculum while allowing the student to engage in their education to a higher degree than is currently possible.

(** The National Student Clearinghouse collects data on students and their post-secondary completion status at two or four-year colleges. The data we receive is through a KSDE site referred to as SEEK that collects and distributes this data to Kansas schools. The initial report obtained on our 2007 graduates from the SEEK site indicated that only 36.5% of our students did graduate from a two or four year institution. Upon further review of that data we adjusted it to 46.5%, and are working to further validate that information to give us a more accurate reflection of that data but feel confident that we are within a few percentage points.)

John Hopkins School of Education Dean David Andrews (video 3:17)

John Hopkins

Watch Now

On Monday, Nov. 11, the LEAD Team presented an initial look at Personalized Blended Learning to the Board of Education.

If you have not had a chance to see it, here is a short (4 min.) video that may give you a snapshot of what a middle school blended learning classroom might look like. Please keep in mind that is is just one sample model.

Blended Learning at Grant Beacon Middle School


(4:25 min)


Click PLAY on the video at the bottom of the page. There are several videos that play back-to-back. (VERY GOOD)

Blended Learning Models