USD 400 Smoky Valley is committed to providing quality educational services for students with limited English proficiency.  The district will use the following guidelines to identify eligible students and provide educational supports:

  • Upon enrollment with the district, every family will complete a home language survey.  Families who indicate a language other than English is primarily used in the home will be followed up with to determine eligibility.
  • A student may be administered the Kansas English Language Proficiency Assessment (KELPA-P).
  • If the KELPA-P identifies language limitations in any domain (listening, speaking, reading or writing), the student will be identified as eligible for eSOL services.  Parents/guardians will be contacted to help develop an individual learning plan for the student if the parents/guardians wish the students to receive services.
  • service models include "push-in" where an ESOL paraprofessional works with the student in his/her classroom(s) and/or "pull-out" where the student leaves the classroom(s) and works with the esol paraprofesional in another physical area.
  • ESOL paraprofessionals are under the guidance and supervision of a certified esol teacher.
  • all esol eligible students will be administered the Kansas english language proficiency assessment (KELPA) every spring.
  • To exit esol services, one of three options may be used:
    • Parental request to exit services
    • BLT/SIT school team recommendation
    • "proficient" score on the KELPA