Adam Keller, Director of Bands

Smoky Valley High School

SVHS Band Handbook

Smoky Valley High School ’17 – ‘18 Viking Band Handbook

Dear Students and Parents,
Welcome to a very exciting year for the Smoky Valley Viking Band. My name is Adam Keller and I am thrilled to be part of the Smoky Valley schools and am eager to continue leading the band program into the future. Smoky Valley has a long and rich tradition of excellence in the arts and I look forward to continuing many of those institutions, while always looking for ways to keep the program fresh. I am confident we will have a great time together; making wonderful music at a high level. 
The band hall and concert venue are safe places. They must remain positive and every person that chooses to meet together in that space must be treated with respect and in an uplifting way. Students will feel safe to give their best effort and to try new things while feeling cared for and know that everyone else in the room is working to make our band program the best it can be. 
Band is a unique activity in that every single person is important. We can not, and do not want to, play our best few musicians and have the rest sit on the bench until a less important time. We must all be responsible for the part we are asked to play and know that every player, every part, and every nuance is critical to the success of our craft.
The following handbook is intended to be a reference for students and parents throughout the year. Understanding, and being able to locate, the information in this handbook will help us to have a transparent give-and-take and a successful band season together. If there are ever questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you in advance for all of your help, support, time, and effort. 

Mr. Keller
Director of Bands USD 400

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Guiding Principals

By following the subsequent ideals, we will become the best individuals and ensemble we can be. A successful band member will be the following:
1. Positive 
a. Follow the “Platinum” rule: ALWAYS treat others BETTER than you would have them treat you. 
b. Respect yourself and all that is around you. 
c. This includes the following rehearsal/performance etiquette: Talking when appropriate, keeping yourself and your objects to yourself, and appropriate use of technology. 
2. Present
a. Your amazingness does us no good if you are not here. This includes your physical and mental presence. 
b. Please do not be tardy; whether that is to class, to your seat, to be ready to play, or breathing with the group before an entrance.
3. Prepared
a. I’m glad you’re here, now are you ready to be the best you, you can be? 
b. Students need to have all music and materials prepared for class in a timely manner.
4. Punctual
a. To be early is to be on time, to be on time is to be late, to be late is unacceptable.
b. Rehearsals must begin 1 minute following the beginning bell and will end 2 minutes prior to the concluding bell. 


As a member of the SVHS band, you are a representative of our fine arts department, our school, and our town. You are expected to portray a positive image to everyone we come in contact with whether it is someone we see everyday or may only see once. If students are not following our “Guiding Principals,” the following consequence progression will be followed: 
1. Verbal or non-verbal redirection
2. Loss of daily points and another verbal or non-verbal redirection
3. Meeting with director outside of class
4. Time-out in office and parent/guardian contact
5. Detention and parent/guardian contact
6. Office referral: Extreme or constant indiscretions will lead to a meeting with the student, parent, director and administration. We will discuss the situation and whether or not the student will be allowed to continue to participate in the band program.
The teacher reserves the discretion to use whichever consequence is deemed necessary based on the situation. 

There will be no Food, Gum, or Drinks (other than a closeable bottle of water) allowed in the band area.

Please use the drinking fountain and restrooms during passing period. If there is an emergency situation, please raise your hand, ask permission, and sign out/in. Students are expected to use the drinking fountain and restroom nearest to Mr. Littich’s orchestra room quickly, quietly, and without disrupting any classes. 

Grading Policy

1. Daily Participation
a. 20 points per week. 4 points per M, T, F rehearsal and 8 points per W rehearsal. Total points will not be modified for short school weeks or for students in both band and orchestra
b. Students will begin each week with 20 points. Students will earn all the available participation points by having all necessary materials, being prepared for rehearsal, and for giving their best effort, having a great attitude, and for being a productive member of the ensemble.
c. Participation points will be deducted at the director’s discretion for the following offenses: tardiness, having food, gum or drink, not following appropriate etiquette, not being prepared, not having all necessary materials, and/or using electronic devices inappropriately.  
i. Laptops, phones, tablets, or other electronic devices are not to be seen or heard. I don’t care if your electronics are on your person, but they will not be used during class, and should not be seen or heard at any point during our rehearsal time. Electronic devices will be confiscated if seen or heard during rehearsal. 
ii. Absences from rehearsals for any reason (other than for orchestra rehearsal) will result in a zero for that rehearsal’s “Daily Participation.” Those points can be made up through outside of class practice and turning in a completed “Practice Record.”

2. Performances
a. Band is a performance based class. Students enrolled in band class are expected to be at all scheduled performances. 
b. Scheduled performances outside of the school day will be worth 100 points each. 
c. Scheduled performances during the school day will be worth 50 points each. 
d. Pep Band Performances will be worth 50 points each.
i. As with “Daily Participation,” students will begin with 100% of the performance points. Points will be deducted as follows: Absenteeism: -100%, Tardiness: -40%, Inappropriate Attire: -25%, Not Prepared: -25%, Disruptive/Inappropriate Behavior or Electronics Use: Director’s discretion.
ii. Parent communication is expected in any absence situation. 
iii. A “Performance Absence Make Up Assignment” is available in the band room with more specific details. 
iv. Students are expected to stay for the entirety of any given performance unless otherwise stipulated by the director. 
v. Students involved in football, basketball, cheerleading, and dance team are not expected to participate in pep band events that directly conflict with SV athletic events. This is a fine line situation. Please stay in communication regarding what is expected. 
e. Eligibility 
i. Ineligible students are allowed and expected to participate in all home events, but are not allowed to travel with the band or participate in KSHSAA events. 

3. Written and Playing Tests
a. Written and performance assignments and assessments will be given at the director’s discretion and will be worth between 10 and 25 points each. 
b. Outside of class practice is expected to occur regularly. Playing tests will be graded throughout the year and be worth 25 points per assignment.
c. Practice Records may be used to make for missed rehearsal daily participation points. See Practice Record forms (located in the rehearsal hall) for specific information. 

Musical Opportunities

Smoky Valley Viking Symphonic Band
Symphonic band is our primary performance ensemble. This group meets Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday during the school week. We will perform at concerts, festivals, parades, athletic events, and will be available to travel throughout the school year. Please expect to perform at all varsity home football and basketball games, as well as league and state festivals. 

Smoky Valley Viking Jazz Band
The Viking Jazz Band is an auditioned group that performs at concerts, festivals, and travels through the area. This ensemble will perform various styles of music as well as work extensively on soloing and improvising. Auditions for the following year will occur in the spring. The jazz band meets Wednesday and Friday mornings from 7:00-8:00a. If we miss a rehearsal, make up rehearsals will be scheduled as needed.

Other Performance Opportunities
Outside of our two curricular courses (Symphonic and Jazz Band), there are several other musical and performance opportunities. Students enrolled in Symphonic Band will also have the opportunity to perform solos, be a part of ensembles, play in the “Pit Orchestra” for the musical, perform with the orchestra as part of the “Full Symphony Orchestra,” and participate in other community outreach ensembles. Information regarding these opportunities will be presented as needed. 

Private Lessons
Students who take private lessons will catch up and surpass the playing and leadership abilities of those who don’t. If you have the desire to prepare solos, audition for honor groups, earn scholarships, sit at the top of the section, or simply be the very best you can be; you should study privately. There are many excellent teachers and musicians in our area. Let me know if you are interested and I will help you find the private teacher that fits you the best. 

Performance Attire

Concert Performance Attire: 
Ladies: Concert Black. Black on top, Black on bottom, Black shoes, and Black socks/leggings/hosiery. If its not dress black, don’t wear it. 
Gentlemen: Professional Tuxedo. These will be checked out during the beginning of the year. Specifics of the dress expectations will continue to be discussed. You are responsible for a long sleeved white dress shirt, black shoes and black socks.

Athletic / Marching Band Performances:
1. Marching Band: Required attire for marching band performances has not yet been finalized
2. Athletic Band Attire: All Band Members will purchase and wear our 2017-2018 Fine Arts Department Shirt and school appropriate clothing on the bottom. 
3. Other information
a. Seating will be assigned.
b. We stay together as a band. We arrive, move and leave as a team. We also play only as a band. No individual playing in the hallways, outside, or in the stadium/gymnasium. 
c. Only band members will be allowed to sit in the assigned band section
d. Food/Drink/Gum will not be allowed in the band section. Nor will students be allowed to leave to go to the concession stand during our performance time. 
e. Leave the stadium, gymnasium, school, etc. better than you found it.

Band Lettering System

It will be a select few that earn the distinction of “Band Letterman.” Earning the required points will be a challenge, but worth the time and effort. Out of the following options, students need 10 points to letter. 
1. Band Membership: 
a. Freshman – 1 point
b. Sophomore – 2 points
c. Junior – 3 points
d. Senior – 4 points
2. Auditions and Honor Ensembles (No more than 7 points can come from this category)
a. SVHS Jazz Band Member – 2 points
b. Audition for district band and/or jazz band – 1 points each
c. Make district band and/or jazz band roster– 2 points each
d. Audition for state band and/or jazz band – 2 points each
e. Make state band and/or jazz band roster – 7 points each
3. Solo / Small Ensemble Participation (No more than 6 points can come from this category)
a. League Festival Performance – 1 point
b. School Recital Performance – 1 point
c. Regional Festival Performance – 1 point
d. State Festival Performance – 1 point
e. 1 Rating @ State Festival – 1 point
4. Other (No more than 4 points can come from this category)
a. Consistent Private lessons on school instrument: 2 points
b. Win Sousa, Armstrong, Director’s, or Outstanding Awards: 4 points each
c. Band camp participation (upon director’s approval): 1 point each
5. Unexcused Absences
a. Minus 10 points each

School Owned Instrument Rental

Students who play the following instruments are more the welcome to rent from the school: oboe, bassoon, bass clarinet, tenor sax, baritone sax, French horn, baritone/euphonium, and tuba. There is a once-a-year rental fee of $50 (due at the beginning of the school year). This fee covers normal use throughout the school year. School owned instruments will be due no earlier than the last performance and no later than the last day of school.  

Instrument Maintenance 
Instruments must be maintained. Instruments that are not in proper working order will not play well in tune or play easily enough for you to enjoy making music. If you are using a school owned instrument, please contact the director as soon as you expect there might be a problem. If you are using your personal instrument, please take your instrument to a professional repairman if there is a problem. If it is a significant problem that will keep you from playing in class for more than a day or two, ask the repair shop to let you use a “Loaner” instrument. 

Local Music Stores

Midwest Music Keller Instrument Repair 
210 South Sante Fe 5 South Main
Salina, KS 67456 Hutchinson, KS 67501
1.800.262.1376 620.669.0455

Required and Recommended Equipment

1. All Band members are expected to take care of the school owned equipment included but not limited to: music, stands, chairs, instruments, auditorium, rehearsal hall, storage areas, stadiums, etc. 
a. The above-mentioned are subject to normal use. Repairs due to damage that falls outside of “Normal” will be the responsibility of the student accountable. 
b. All band members (except percussionists) need to have a lyre and flip folder and a luggage style tag attached to his/her instrument
2. Woodwinds
a. Flute: Cleaning/tuning rod, swab. 
b. Clarinet: At least 4 “Good” reeds (Vandoren 3-3.5), reed guard, cork grease, pull through swab, 
c. Bass Clarinet: At least 3 “Good” reeds (La Voz Med. or Vandoren 3), reed guard, cork grease.
d. Oboe: At least 2 “Good” reeds, reed guard, cork grease, pull through swab. 
e. Bassoon: At least 2 “Good” reeds, reed guard, cork grease, cleaning swab, and seat strap
f. Saxophone: At least 4 “Good” reeds (Vandoren 3-3.5), neck strap (Harness for baritone sax), pull through swab or pad saver, reed guard, and cork grease. 
3. Brass 
a. Trumpet: Al Cass or Blue Juice Valve oil, straight mute (Recommended) 
b. French Horn: Rotor oil 
c. Trombone: Trombotine slide cream, water spray bottle
d. Baritone/Tuba: Al Cass or Blue Juice Valve oil
4. Percussion – Please clearly label all personal mallets
a. Required – Labeled snare sticks (Vic Firth SD-1) and labeled yarn keyboard mallets (Vic Firth or Mike Balter). Recommended – Stick bag, rubber keyboard mallets, timpani mallets (soft).

Smoky Valley High School Viking Band Calendar 2017-2018

Date Time Event/Participants Location

09.01.17 6:30/6:40p Home Football Game #1 – Full Band SV Football Stadium
09.13.17 TBA Kansas State Fair Parade – Full Band Hutchinson, Kansas
9.15.17 6:30/6:40p Home Football Game #2 – Full Band SV Football Stadium
09.21.17 7:00/7:30p Premiere Concert – Full HS Band SV Auditorium
09.29.17 6:30/6:40p Home Football Game #3 – Full Band SV Football Stadium
Annual Shrimp Boil Tailgate
09.30.17 All Day Music Dept. Mattress Fundraiser SVHS
10.04.17 Afterschool KMEA District Jazz Auditions Goddard HS
Select Students
10.13.17 6:30/6:40p Home Football Game #4 – Full Band SV Football Stadium
10.13-14 Morning Hyllningsfest Parade – Full Band Lindsborg
10.20.17 6:30/6:40p Home Football Game #5 – Full Band SV Football Stadium
11.02.17 During School McPherson College Jazz Festival McPherson College
HS Jazz Band
11.04.17 TBA/All Day KMEA District Band Auditions Andover Central HS
Select Students
11.20.17 7:00-9:00p Full Orchestra Rehearsal SVHS
Select Students
11.30.17 7:00/7:30p High School Concert – Full HS Band SV Auditorium
12.02.17 TBA/All Day KMEA District Festival Wichita East HS
Select Students
12.05.17 6:20/6:30p Home Basketball Game #1 SV Gymnasium
Jazz Band Only
12.08.17 6:20/6:30p Home Basketball Game #2 – Full Band SV Gymnasium
12.09.17 TBA/AM St Lucia Festival – Select Students Downtown Lindsborg
12.13.17 TBA Jazz Band Christmas Tour TBA
12.15.17 6:20/6:30p Home Basketball Game #3 – Full Band SV Gymnasium
Mass Band Extravaganza!
12.19.17 6:20/6:30p Home Basketball Game #4 SV Gymnasium
Jazz Band Only
01.06.18 TBA/All Day KMEA State Auditions Salina-Lakewood MS
Select Students
01.09.18 6:20/6:30p Home Basketball Game #5 SV Gymnasium
Jazz Band Only
01.12.18 6:20/6:30p Home Basketball Game #6 – Full Band SV Gymnasium
- Alumni and Community Night!
01.26.18 6:20/6:30p Home Basketball Game #7 – Full Band SV Gymnasium
01.29.18 7:00-9:00p Full Orchestra Rehearsal – SVHS
02.02.18 6:20/6:30p Home Basketball Game #8 – Full Band SV Gymnasium
02.03.18 TBA Big Band Dance – SVHS Jazz Band SES
02.16.18 6:20/6:30p Home Basketball Game #9 – Full Band SV Gymnasium
2.22-2.24 TBA/All Day KMEA In-Service Workshop Wichita – Century II
State Band Members
02.26.18 TBA McPherson College Side by Side Concert SVHS 
02.28.18 TBA/All Day CKL League Music Festival – Full Band - Bethany College 
03.01-03.03 & 03.07-03.10 Sub-State and State Basketball Tournaments 
03.09.18 7:00/7:30p Instrumental Solo Recital – Select Students BLC
03.16.18 TBA Jazz Band KC Tour TBA
04.14.18 TBA/All Day Regional Solo/Ensemble Festival Barton County CC
Select Students
04.18.18 TBA/All Day State Large Group Festival – Full Band SV Auditorium
04.23.18 7:00/7:30p Jazz Concert – HS Jazz Band SV Auditorium
04.28.18 TBA/All Day State Solo/Ensemble Festival  TBA
Select Students
05.04.18 7:00/7:30p Finale Concert – Full HS Band SV Auditorium
05.11.18 9:45/10:30a May Day Parade McPherson
05.12.18 TBA SVHS Graduation – Select Students Bethany College
05.28.18 TBA/AM Memorial Day Brass Ensemble  Lindsborg Area
Select Students